Meet Our Founder

Loretta Brandolini - Founder (53 years young :-)

Hi! I'm Loretta, the face behind Reluminate Beauty Skin & Hair Care (formerly known as rawbeauty skincare).

My Reluminate Beauty journey began from a deeply personal experience and with a burning desire to create a transformative line of natural products specifically created for mature skin.
Armed with a passion for natural ingredients, I uncovered the harmful toxins lurking in commercial skincare, I took matters into my own hands and started crafting natural body products from scratch and while witnessing the transformative & healing effects, Raw Beauty Skincare was born and I embarked on a mission to create something extraordinary!

Several years later, we had grown significantly and evolved beyond just skincare... we had beautiful hair care products aswell. So we renamed as Reluminate Beauty 💫

Reluminate is a fusion of "re" – symbolising renewal, transformation, and embracing change and "illuminate" – which speaks to the radiant glow that shines when you feel empowered, confident, and true to yourself.

And our big goal is to create a haven where beauty encompasses more than just physical appearance – where it's about embracing your individuality, celebrating your uniqueness, and radiating the brilliance that comes from within.

"Reluminate" perfectly captures this sentiment.

Reluminate Beauty Skin & Hair Care was born out of my passion pursuit of creating a truly transformative and exceptional experience for women of mature age. Every product is meticulously crafted, harnessing the power of nature's finest botanicals, purest extracts, and luxurious oils.
My dedication to delivering natural solutions for mature skin is unwavering.
Reluminate Beauty products are void of harmful chemicals, toxins, and synthetic additives that can cause harm or compromise the delicate balance of mature skin and hair. Instead, each formula is packed with botanical goodness, carefully selected for their remarkable abilities to nourish, hydrate, and restore vitality.
The core of Reluminate Beauty is our unwavering belief that age is a celebration of wisdom, strength, and beauty, deserving of specialised care and devoted attention. Our vision extends far beyond creating exceptional skincare and haircare products.
We are on a mission to empower women, encouraging them to embrace their natural beauty and embark on a transformative journey of self-care. With Reluminate Beauty Skin & Hair Care, our goal is to instill confidence and radiance in every woman, allowing her to truly shine and revel in the beauty that accompanies age.
As the Reluminate Beauty story continues to unfold, we will always be dedicated to kindness, innovation, authenticity, and the transformative power of nature.
We will always be true advocates for embracing the beauty of maturity, proving that age is not a limitation but an invitation to radiate from within.
Reluminate Beauty Skin & Hair Care's mission is to empower every mature woman, helping her enhance her natural beauty and unleash her full potential.
With Reluminate Beauty, we transcend limits and redefine beauty, because Reluminate Beauty is beauty beyond boundaries.

Luv Loretta xo
Loretta Brandolini – Founder Reluminate Beauty


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