Why Natural Soaps Are Kinder To Your Skin

Given how many times a day we wash our hands, you would have to agree that our skin comes into contact with soap a lot!.

Don’t get me wrong, it is important that we wash our hands frequently to remove dirt, bacteria & germs. And to stop the spread of infection.

But using the wrong type of soap can be harmful to your skin, your health and our planet.

You may be wondering how such a small decision such as your soap purchase could have such big consequences to you and the environment.

Well, here is the truth about commercial Soap-

 Harsh detergents- Typically, commercial soaps are not really soap at all – they are detergents. 

And detergents strip your skin of their natural oils which can leave your skin feeling dry and tight after washing your hands or having your shower.

This can also cause skin irritation.

Toxic Ingredients- Commercial soaps are generally produced on a large scale with harsh chemicals, synthetic ingredients, and cheap perfumes all of which can cause irritation to your skin. 

Common ingredients include triclosan, parabens, artificial colours, fragrances, sulphates and petroleum.

Studies have found that these toxic ingredients disrupt hormones, promote allergies, lead to reproductive issues and increase risk of some cancers.  

Unfortunately, your skin absorbs substances that are bad for you including harmful chemicals in your soap and skincare.  

Environmental impact- Commercial soap is typically mass produced by machines in factories all over the globe by multinational companies. This mass-production results in environmental waste.

Also the nasty toxic ingredients mentioned above wash down the drain and into waterways and landfill where they are harmful to marine life, the environment and eco systems.

On the other hand…..Natural Soaps Are Kinder.

Natural soaps are free of all the nasty chemicals and instead have simple, effective and beautiful ingredients.

They use natural healthy oils, beautiful essential oils from fragrance and natural additives like our lavender and calendula petals. 

Beautiful pure essential oils relieve tension and relax your mood through their aromatherapy essential oils such as with our Lavender Cleansing Bar and feed your skin with natural oils like coconut and olive oils. 

Natural Soap tends to be locally handmade, in small batches with a smaller environmental footprint.

They are also more likely to be certified cruelty-free and vegan, which is good for our bunnies  🐰

So I am sure you can see that Natural Soaps Are Kinder to you and the planet - they win hands down for your skin, health & the environment.

Rawbeauty skincare has four beautiful saponified natural cleansing bars.

They are hand made in small batches within Australia with very simple healthy natural ingredients.

After use, they leave your skin feeling, cleansed, softened, hydrated and nourished -thanks to  the combination of pure essential oils and Saponified coconut and olive oils.

There is the choice of the uplifting aroma of lemon myrtle, the pretty, floral scent of rose geranium essential oil, the gentle, calming aroma of lavender or the woody scent of sandalwood and coconut.  

Some have a slight exfoliation effect with the addition of calendula, rose or lavender petals. 

Try them today-your skin will thank you for it!

They are just $7.95 each or you can buy a Trio Pack and receive a FREE sisal bag for skin exfoliation.

*If you'd like to learn more about chemicals to avoid in skincare checkout https://www.ewg.org/


  • Laurel McCarthy

    Hi Loretta, no I haven’t left an order, I love reading your blogs ( I think that’s what it’s called)

  • Holly

    Great post! 🧼 I absolutely love natural soaps, and this article perfectly highlights the many benefits they offer. Have you heard about these soaps https://www.careyou.com.au/home-and-lifestyle-products/bathroom/natural-soaps/ ?

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