The End Of Raw Beauty 🌸 ...Hello Reluminate Beauty 💫

Life is full of surprises and adventures, and we've just embarked on a BIG  new adventure! 🤩

We are so excited to announce that we're transitioning from Raw BeautySkincare to the bright and radiant Reluminate Beauty! 

Yes, our name is changing! {ekkkk!}. 

But please don't panic - we're not going anywhere! 

Our journey with Raw Beauty has been extraordinary, thanks to all of you, our loyal and beautiful customers.

Your unwavering support and passion for embracing beauty at every age have been the driving force behind our mission, and we can't thank you enough. 

Now, it's time for a beautiful evolution! 

You may be asking why we are changing our name.....and that is a very valid question! In complete transparency, a little while ago we were urged by a much bigger company than us to change our name! At first we were very hesitant to do this, for a small, family business changing our name completely is a BIG deal.....but we have seen this as an exciting opportunity and we are strong believers of 'things happen for a reason'.

It got us thinking....

while Raw Beauty Skincare has been a perfect name for our skincare products, we have big plans on expanding our product range (we already have haircare!) and we believe that our mission goes far beyond just making beautiful, natural products. 

We want to be unique and memorable, we want to build a powerful connected community, we want to empower women, no matter what age to feel worthy, valued and to feel uplifted....our dreams and missions are big and we feel that Reluminate Beauty embodies our core values and our belief in celebrating beauty that radiates from within.

It's about embracing your uniqueness and illuminating the world with the beautythat makes up YOU! 

We couldn't have found a better name to express what we stand for. Rest assured, our commitment to you remains unwavering, we're not going anywhere, we're just changing our name!

We're determined to provide you with exceptional products and outstanding customer service, empowering you to feel confident in your own skin.

Reluminate Beauty will be more than just a product brand; it will be a supportive space that uplifts and encourages each one of you to shine bright!

And we can’t wait to bring to life all that we have planned! 

We know that embracing change can be exhilarating and can take time to implement all the change, this is no small undertaking, so please be patient with us as we embark on this transition! We will be working on transitioning from Raw Beauty Skincare to Reluminate Beauty over the next two months. We will keep you updated with our progress!

But we truly believe that Reluminate Beauty will resonate with all of you, just as it resonates with us. 

Let's embrace this exciting new beginning together! Join us as we step into the world of Reluminate Beauty, where we celebrate beauty in all its forms and let our inner light shine brighter than ever before. 

Thank you for being part of our incredible community. We can't wait to continue this amazing journey with you as Reluminate Beauty!


Common Questions we are receiving about our name change :-)

So we wanted to answer them all for you....just so you hear it from us first!

Have you been bought by a bigger company?
No, we have not been bought by a bigger company. We are still a small family assize business 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧. The decision to change our name to Reluminate Beauty was driven by our own aspirations and values however the timing of the name change was sparked by the encouragement from a much bigger brand. While we did receive input from many people and this change is a reflection of our commitment to providing you with an even better experience and embracing a broader vision of 'beauty'.

Are product formulations changing?
Rest assured, the quality and integrity of our products remain our top priority. Our commitment to creating exceptional, natural, and effective skin and hair care products continues unchanged. We understand the trust you've placed in us, and our formulations will remain true to our dedication to providing you with the best.

Are you still natural, vegan & cruelty-free?
Yes, absolutely. Our values of being vegan and cruelty-free remain unwavering. We are dedicated to offering products that are kind to both animals and the environment. You can continue to use our products with the confidence that they align with your ethical values.

What does the name mean?
The name "Reluminate Beauty" is a blend of "re" and "illuminate." "Re" signifies renewal, transformation, and embracing change. "Illuminate" represents the radiant glow that comes from within when you feel empowered and true to yourself. Together, the name encapsulates our belief in embracing your uniqueness and letting your inner radiance shine.

How will we remember your name?
We understand that the transition to a new name might take some time to get used to. To help you remember our new name, we'll be integrating it across our communication channels (you may notice some changes already), packaging, and website.

Will there be any changes to your customer service?
Our commitment to exceptional customer service remains unchanged. You can expect the same level of care, responsiveness, and assistance!

Can I still use my old Raw Beauty Skincare products after the transition?
Absolutely, you can continue to use your existing Raw Beauty Skincare products without any concerns. The transition to Reluminate Beauty is about our brand identity and values, and it won't affect the quality or usability of the products you already have (they are the same products!).

We're confident that, over time, the name will become synonymous with the empowerment and radiance you associate with our brand.

We hope these answers provide clarity and address any concerns you might have. Your continued support means the world to us, and we're excited to embark on this journey of embracing inner radiance and beauty with you as Reluminate Beauty.

Like always, if you have a question please don't hesitate to contact me!.....we will always answer.

Shine bright,

Loretta x

Founder of Reluminate Beauty (formerly rawbeauty)


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