The Benefits Of Using Both A Face Serum & A Facial Oil Elixir. And How To Apply Them.


If you want to supercharge your skincare results, then adding a facial serum & oil elixir can give you optimal skin health & vitality.

They help with targeting skin pigmentation, lines, dryness & improving the look & texture of your skin.

 Face serums and  facial oil elixirs each have their own benefits and can be used separately or layered to work together for maximum results.

Both products are highly concentrated and come in a glass bottle with a dropper or pump for easy application.

If you prefer to keep things very simple and spend minimal time on your skincare routine, then you can always stick with the the daily skincare essentials, which I believe are : -

  • cleanser,
  • moisturiser &
  • sunscreen

 You can check out our Cleanse & Hydrate essentials pack by clicking here.

So how are a facial serum & facial oil elixir different?

What is a Serum?

A serum is like a shot of super concentrated nutrients and antioxidants that really amp up your skin health as soon as you apply them. They are nutrient-dense treatments that address specific concerns.

 They have a lightweight watery texture and smaller molecular structure – much smaller than those found in oils & moisturisers and so they can be absorbed deeply into the skin for rejuvenation, regeneration, luminosity, balance and many more benefits.

Skin benefits of a serum include:

  • Treats hyper-pigmentation
  • Repairs sun damage
  • Reduces the appearance of pores and prevents them from being clogged
  • Brightens, smooths and firms the skin

Like our Revival Serum which a botanical powerhouse of Snowflower extract combined with the natural retinol alternative Bakuchiol Oil for youthful, glowing, and smooth skin.

Bakuchiol is a potent antioxidant. It is known for stimulating collagen production and cell turnover.

It helps improve skin tone, smooth skin texture, and soften fine lines and wrinkles.


A serum should be used in conjunction with a facial moisturiser for best results.


Tips on using a Facial Serum

After cleansing, apply 2 pumps over your entire face, neck, and décolletage. Gently press on with your fingertips or palms.

It’s best to allow it to penetrate for say a  1minute prior to applying a moisturiser. 


What is a facial oil elixir?

 Face oils elixirs nourish, protect, and moisturise your skin.

 A facial oil elixir seals in the goodness of your serum and moisturiser, adding additional nourishment and protection to the skin. They are especially effective for dry skin or skin requiring some extra TLC.

 It is a blend of natural oils containing antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids.

Oil elixirs are a combination of various face oils that help to prevent the fine lines by rejuvenating the skin. They also usually contain  plant extracts like our kangaroo flower that benefit the skin.

They’re formulated with smaller molecules than oils so are better  able to penetrate further into the skin than a face oil,  making them extremely effective.

Face elixirs & oils seal in all the ingredients and moisture you just applied to your face to keep them from evaporating as quickly. By layering the oil over your other products, they help increase your skincare routine’s efficacy while also leaving skin soft and smooth.

Some of the Skin Benefits of face elixir oils include –

  • They are rich in vitamins and fatty acids
  • Hydrating
  • Plant-based oils extracted from rosehip jojoba sunflower
  • Heals skin at a cellular level
  • Deep Absorption
  • Nourishing for skin


Oils are designed to protect the skin from changes in weather & temperatures. They also help to retain moisture, repairing the skin’s barrier, keeping it supple and providing a source of antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamins.

Due to their emollient nature and thicker texture, oils need to be massaged in to help deliver softness and smoothness to skin. When used as the final step in your skincare routine, they protect the serum & facial cream from evaporating from skin.


Unlike serums, which absorb deeply into the skin, face oils have larger molecules that can only penetrate the surface and they work on strengthening the skin to keep skin hydrated, plumped which can improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

 When applying your skincare products always apply in order of the thinnest to thickest consistency. Like in the diagram below 👇



Sunscreen is always your last skincare step in the morning


Our Renewal Elixir,  is an illuminating, lightweight blend of oils that softens fine lines while boosting skin's natural glow.

It is a nourishing Facial Elixir is a beautiful blend of Rosehip, Grapeseed, Jojoba & Sunflower seed oils infused with Kangaroo Flower extract.

This natural Facial oil elixir harnesses nature's own super-flower Kangaroo paw which is packed with essential fatty acids to give your skin a radiant glow.  It has been found to help with –

  • Reducing fine line and wrinkles 
  • Speeds up the skin’s renewal process 
  • Moisturising the skin
  • Firming the skin 


Tips on how to use your facial oil elixir

Apply approx. 2 drops (dependent upon your skin type) to your hands and then massage into your face, neck & décolletage.  Ideally apply to freshly cleansed & moisturised skin for best results.

A bonus of massaging in the oil elixir is that a  facial massage helps you to relax, relieving tension built up over the course of the day, and bring a natural plumpness back to skin.

Apply last in your skincare routine (before sunscreen) as this acts as a barrier on the outer layer of the skin.

Apply in the evening when the skin has time to rest, enabling it to repair and protect as you sleep. The subtle lavender scent  is perfect for relaxing & unwinding before bed.

In the morning apply a single drop after your other skincare products and before your make-up. I find it helps to prime the skin for better make-up application. It helps to leave your skin is soft, plump, and hydrated with a subtle glow.


What our customers say -

Happy Customer with Face Oil Elixir

I'd love to hear in the comments  below 👇 if you use a Facial Serum, Elixir Oil or both? Or if you have any other questions about using a facial serum, moisturiser and oil elixir. :-)



Loretta is passionate about promoting confidence and looking your best at every age. She believes that beauty is not about perfection. Beauty is what you reveal when you feel good on the inside – when you smile, when you treat yourself and others gently. When you have confidence in yourself, and when you truly embrace who you are.

Loretta is the founder of reluminate beauty - a natural, Vegan, cruelty -free range of Australian Skin & Hair Care,  created from a need to find gentle, effective skincare that her son with allergies & eczema could also use.


  • Loretta

    Thanks soo much for your amazing feedback Jane 🌈🙏💗 Im thrilled t hear it

  • Loretta

    Thanks soo much for your amazing feedback Jane 🌈🙏💗 Im thrilled t hear it

  • Loretta

    Oh thank-you soo much for your feedback Jane 💗🌈 it makes me so happy x

  • Jane Campbell

    It is wonderful to find a product that simply does what it says it will do. My 66 year old skin feels supple and hydrated, and is comfortable. No dry, tight feeling.
    For me, the huge benefit has been no eye irritation, which I have had with many products over the years.
    I bought the Ultimate Face skincare bundle, and am about to buy the Elixir.
    Delighted with the product and the extra-ordinary customer service.
    Thank you Loretta

  • Susan Crawford

    I have sentive skin and the famous red cheek issue. Will these products calm my skin?

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