Rose Geranium Oil -5 Surprising Skin Benefits

Rose geranium essential oil has a beautiful, uplifting floral scent which relaxes the mind and body. 🌸

But aside from smelling divine, rose geranium essential oil has many other surprising skin and health benefits.


Here is just some of them-

1. Potent anti-bacterial agent, making it perfect for preventing the growth of bacteria on minor skin wounds and bacterial infections like Athlete’s Foot. Helps wounds heal faster.

2. Promotes healthy skin by aiding in balancing skin and promoting healthy cell renewal. Reduces the appearance of dull skin.

3. Has antioxidant activity, meaning it fights off ‘free-radicals’ that can cause major damage to cells.

4. Soothes irritation and inflammation from skin concerns such as acne, eczema, dermatitis, fungal infections, and rashes.

5. Calming and balancing properties which alleviates anxiety and reduces stress. 

So thats why we love rose geranium essential oil and use it in our natural pure cleansing bars.

Our rose geranium natural soap is perfect for cleansing whilst nurturing your skin with some amazingly beneficial ingredients from nature at the same time.🌿

The combination of pure rose geranium oil, coconut and olive oil make this bar deeply moisturising and nourishing. The addition of rose petals provides a gentle exfoliating affect.

And it has a plastic-free wrap making it kind to the environment as well as your skin! 🌎
Whats not to love ❤️

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