Do You Feel Unseen? Is this the truth about ageing?

I follow a women who is 57 on social media. She documents things in her life and I find her very relatable.

She is funny, clever, very real and honest. All things I like in a person!

She just got back from a months holiday in New York and the UK, which her and her husband had been saving for years to was so nice to see all their adventures. I was a little bit jealous!

But then she had an altercation with another social media creator.

...and she spoke about it candidly, with no holding back. She wondered if it was all worth it, sharing her life on social media...she was upset and hurt by the comments of another person.

Then she said something that made me stop in my tracks. I had to 'double-take' and question.. "did she really say that?"....

I've been thinking about this ever since.

This is what she said....

"I could get off social media and stop sharing my life with others.....BUT I REFUSE TO BE UNSEEN".

She then went on to mention that women over a certain age become 'unseen' in society.... 

In my brain I was thinking.....wait. what?

Is this true?

I feel very seen by my family and friends.....and my work colleges....

Is society NOT seeing me? Maybe I am still at the age where society does 'see me'....

I certainly don't have the answers, but it hasn't left my mind since I heard it and I would LOVE to hear your thoughts?

As we age and get past a 'certain age' do we really become 'unseen' by society? 

What is the truth about ageing?

Because if this is the case, Reluminate Beauty (formerly raw beauty) will make it our mission to see every single glorious woman regardless of their age and recognise and inspire them to embrace their natural radiance and rewrite the narrative of ageing.

Share with me your thoughts and experiences on the truth about ageing. I think it is a very important conversation to have. 


  • Christine Wickham

    Ageing is only a number… Love your statement “RawBeauty will make it our mission to see every single glorious woman regardless of their age and recognise and inspire them to embrace their natural radiance and rewrite the narrative of ageing.”
    so keep doing what your doing to make All mature women look and feel our best each and every day.

  • Sandra Vidot

    I felt really unseen and disregarded at the birthday parties of my grandchildren as I did not know their friends or the parents. First time I felt old

  • Sharon

    Hi Loretta,
    I feel very seen by the staff in establishments I frequent, but sometimes feel very unseen , unfortunately by my direct family.
    Special occasions such as my birthday, Mother’s Day, Easter, Christmas etc., Seem to just come and go as if I am not here
    I get text messages and phone calls, but it is very rare that any of them come to visit me on these special occassions.
    I have seven children, two daughters and five sons, all adults now and left home with lives of their own. I understand that life is busy these days, work and family obligations, but I have always been there for all of them – anything they need and always will be regardless.
    I know they all love me very much, they tell me all the time and if I ever need anything, they do not hesitate to send it to me. Sometimes it would just be nice to see them in person occasionally – especially on special occasions.
    Sometimes I just feel like I am invisible to them and that my needs/desires are secondary to theirs – although I know that is not the case.
    I am 62 now and life is moving so very fast.
    Sometimes I think too myself – one day I will not be here and then they will not have to worry about me at all.
    Don’t get me wrong , I know I am loved and would be missed if I wasnt here – but as the old cliche says – It is to late when we are gone.
    Sometimes I feel guilty that I do not visit them much, but my partner has terminal cancer which has now gone to his brain, so a lot of my time is spent caring for him and running around to his many appointments and treatments/tests.
    Anyway, this is just I feel at times, don’t know if this helps you any, but I do hope so

    Sharon Jarman

  • sue patrick

    I agree with the comment, especially when you are retired and a widow. Fortunately I have good family and friends.

  • Margaret Reddy

    Beautiful Loretta thank you so much for creating these wonderful products that helps older women like me tremendously…. I have waited this long to put my experience with these products to tell all women that had problems with mature skin that it really works it’s magic…I have seen a lot of changes on my face which brings that smile on my face every time I look in the mirror…thank you so much Loretta for your amazing products 🫶

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